4socialgoodτм is a partnership of marketing and social media experts, writers, photographers, videographers, corporate businesses and individuals. World changers like you. 4socialgood bridges the gap between a non-profit organization’s heroic efforts to evoke change and their lack of resources to mobilize their own story. We promote your organization’s individual project at no cost to you; utilizing strategic targeting, outreach, and social media promotion until your funding goal is achieved.

To maximize the effectiveness of campaign fundraising, all 4socialgood team members donate their professional services at no charge. No administrative fees are deducted by 4socialgood in the donation process. 4socialgood vets all organizations thoroughly and upholds strict policies to assure that 100% of every dollar goes directly to the project one chooses to support and directly into the account of the nonprofit organization.

Each project is assigned a team that uses compelling writing, photos and videos to energize and mobilize the story on social networks for highest impact, at no cost to the nonprofit, 4socialgood in the world today.


This month’s featured project: African Children’s Feeding Programs (KFP)

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Over 600 children are fed every week through these programs in Kigoma, Tanzania. These teaching & recreation programs care for the physical & spiritual needs of children 3-18. They provide food, clothing, medical treatment & coaching of team sports, including organized soccer & net ball. They currently run programs in four villages: Kaseke, Katabuka, Simba, and Kazuramimba.